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Title & Rights Stewardship
What to Know About the Nicola and Coldwater Watersheds

In an insightful session held on April 22, 2024, Auston Chhor of Raincoast Conservation led a workshop organized by the STC/Title & Rights Stewardship Department, offering valuable insights into our local watersheds. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of critical environmental flow needs in the Nicola and Coldwater Watersheds, exploring topics such as critical versus target flows, their impacts on fish populations, and considerations during drought conditions. Moreover, discussions extended to water license data within the Nicola Basin, identifying key water users and discussing discreet policy recommendations. Participants also had the opportunity to enhance their mapping skills to better grasp the nuances of water resource management. The Scw’exmx Tribal Council is actively considering further collaboration with Auston following the workshop.


For more information, contact:

Carol McCauley, B.Ed., M.Ed., Title & Rights Analyst,

Title & Rights Stewardship, Scw’exmx Tribal Council

Title & Rights Stewardship
2023 Aspen Planers Fall Package Referral Meeting

During the Aspen Planers Ltd. 2023 Fall Package Referral Meeting held on April 24, 2024, a group of attendees participated both in-person and via Zoom. Among those present were Len Joe, Sharon Stone, Tyson Saul, Beth Coutlee, Michelle Stone, and Yental Coutlee, with David Lawrence joining remotely. The meeting delved into various key points, notably focusing on the management of riparian zones given the prevailing drought conditions, emphasizing their significance for water conservation and wildlife habitat preservation. Concerns were raised regarding the placement of cutblocks adjacent to clearcuts without adequate buffers, prompting discussions on implementing time limits for such activities. Additionally, attention was drawn to the early onset of drought restrictions in Merritt due to insufficient snowpack, impacting operations from as early as April 23, 2024. These discussions underscored our commitment to responsible forestry practices amidst challenging environmental conditions.

Arnie Narcisse Strategic Planning 2024_edited.jpg

2024 Strategic Planning Sessions

The Scw'exmx Tribal Council's management and leadership met in Kelowna on April 3-4, 2024, for a Strategic Planning Meeting, with Arnie Narcisse serving as the Master of Ceremonies. Over the course of two days, participants collaborated to outline a strategic roadmap for upcoming initiatives and objectives. These gatherings are important for fostering collaboration and ensuring the continued prosperity and resilience of the Scw'exmx Tribal Council and its affiliated communities.

AGA 2024

Scw’exmx Tribal Council's Annual General Assembly (AGA) took place on Thursday, February 29th, 2024. Various departments presented their reports, offering insights into our future endeavors. It was an engaging session where we discussed our plans for the upcoming year.

Congratulations to the door prize winners:

James Michel, Deloris Charters, and Doreen Harry.

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Vaughn Sunday

Vaughn Sunday
STC Executive Director

Welcome Vaughn Sunday!

In January 2024 we welcomed our new Executive Director, Vaughn Sunday. Read his introduction and mini-biography below:

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