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Sharon Stone

Lands & Research Manager

Hello! I am Sharon Stone, known in my community as Heńłeʔ Qwaʔ́laxn, which reflects my deep connection to my Indigenous heritage as a member of the Sx̣éx̣n̓x (Shacken) Nł eʔkepmx people of the Nicola Valley. With pride and dedication, I serve as the Lands & Research Manager at Tmíxʷ Research Department, a role I have held since 2014.

My journey with Tmíxʷ began in 2007, when I joined as a Database Assistant, quickly progressing to my current position due to my unwavering commitment and passion for our work. My responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum, from overseeing the successful implementation of our projects to managing budgets, contracts, and payroll. I am deeply invested in ensuring that the work we do honors our traditional territory and contributes positively to our community.

In pursuit of excellence in my field, I completed the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (N.A.L.M.A.) professional Lands Management Certificate Program in 2015, further enriching my knowledge and skills. My love for history, language, and the stories embedded in our land fuels my dedication to preserving and understanding our heritage.

Central to my role is the management of our field staff, Indigenous Monitors, Environmental Monitors, and Researchers. Guided by a commitment to our homeland and community, I lead with integrity and a deep sense of responsibility. Each day brings new challenges and rewards, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success and well-being of Tmíxʷ.

Thank you for visiting, and I invite you to explore further to learn more about our work and mission in the Tmíxʷ Research Department.

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