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Lily Shuter

Tmixw Administration Assistant

Hen̓łeʔ | Way̓ | Hello, my name is Lily Anne Shuter, originally from ƛ̓əq̓əmcín (Lytton) but raised in ptə́tkʷ (Springs) and nsísq̓t (Joyaska Indian Reserve #2). My journey with Scw’exmx Tribal Council commenced in March 2023 when I first joined as a Field Technician.

Currently, I serve as the Tmixʷ Administrative Assistant within STC. In this role, I work closely with the Field Crew Supervisor, aiding in the preparation of reports for Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR) fieldwork and Culturally Sensitive Areas (CSA). Additionally, I actively participate in Lands & Resource meetings, engage in ongoing training sessions, assist with AGA reports and updates, and meticulously maintain both hard copy and digital filing records.

I have achieved several academic achievements, including an Executive Assistant Diploma and a Business Administration Diploma from the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. Prior to my tenure with STC, I have had the privilege of dedicating over 20 years to serving the Lower Nicola Indian Band across various departments including Lands, Housing, and Education.

What I really love about living in the Nicola Valley is how incredibly beautiful it is. I find so much peace and joy in getting away to the mountains, rivers, and creeks, where I can appreciate the amazing gifts bestowed upon us by the Creator.

Looking ahead, I am filled with anticipation for the future with Scw’exmx Tribal Council and all those we collaborate with. Together, we will continue to nurture relationships and steward our invaluable resources with care and dedication.


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