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Carol McCauley

Title and Rights Analyst

Hello! My name is Carol McCauley, and I proudly represent the Syilx Nation and serve as a Title and Rights Analyst in the Title and Rights Stewardship Department at Scw'exmx Tribal Council (STC).

I've had the privilege of working part-time for STC, dedicating myself to advocating stewardship for our tmixʷ and tmxʷulaxʷ. As a title holder, it is my responsibility to be the voice that speaks for and protects our inherent traditional territories and resources.

With a background primarily in education, I've obtained both a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a Master of Education (M.Ed) degree. Throughout my career, I've remained actively involved with my community, Spaxmin, contributing to the development of Syilx inherent governance. Additionally, I am honored to serve on the Advisory Council for the DL Commonage.

 I absolutely love the Nicola Valley and the stunning beauty of the rolling hills that grace this incredible landscape. I am deeply committed to upholding the rights and stewardship of our traditional territories, and I look forward to contributing to the continued prosperity and preservation of our community and lands.

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