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Beth Coutlee

Title and Rights Analyst

Hen̓łeʔ (Hello), Nskwest n-shkwesht (My Name Is) Beth M. Coutlee. I proudly serve as a Title and Rights Analyst, with a focus on completing preliminary assessments of government and industry application projects to identify legislative impacts on Nlaka’pamux/Syilx (N/S) Inherent Title and Rights.

In my role, I am responsible for producing recommendation options, facilitating and participating in N/S decision-making processes, issuing notifications to the BC Provincial and Canadian Federal Governments (Crown) regarding infringements and required next steps, and participating in the development of Nicola Nlaka’pamux/Syilx (N/S) written policies on Consultation and Accommodation.

My journey with STC/Tmixʷ Research has had me working on various projects including fieldwork, office project management, referrals, surveys in forestry, archaeology, and wildlife biology assistance, Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM), Traditional Use Study (TUS), and more within Nlaka’pamux/Syilx Traditional Territory.

Drawing from a background in natural resources, I earned a Natural Resources Diploma, earning recognition for citizenship. Additionally, I earned a Business Certificate, complementing my educational journey. Recently, I completed a Leadership Facilitator Training Program, further enriching my skills and dedication to community service.

I find immense fulfillment in my job and am grateful to be a part of this new department, working for our people, our children, Mother Earth, and Mother Nature. kʷukʷscemxʷ | Limləmt | Thank you sincerely.

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