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Jody John

ISET-Program Employment Counsellor

Hello! My name is Jody John, and I am a member of the Shackan Indian Band. Originally, I am from Prince George but I was raised in Merritt. Currently, I serve as the Employment Counsellor for the Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Program (ISETP), a role I've held since 2021.

Working closely with the ISETP Manager, my primary focus is supporting clients in accessing work gear, training for labor market entry, and securing funding for college enrollment. Our program is dedicated to providing employment and training opportunities, particularly for Indigenous individuals facing employment challenges, with the goal of enhancing their skills for long-term career success.

Professionally, I earned my Administrative Assistant certificate which has equipped me with essential skills in communication, invoicing, contracts, and database management - all integral aspects of my current role. Currently, I'm furthering my professional development by attending the Career Development Foundations Course and participating in various Labour Market workshops to enhance my expertise in the field.

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